AeroCom and AeroSAT Workshop Registration

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Registration: open only 1 May - 1 Aug
Please note that AeroSAT presentations will only cover overview topics and are by invitation only, For AeroSAT contributions posters are strongly encouraged to share your individual new results.
If you want to offer an overview talk kindly get into touch directly with the AeroSAT co-chairs
(Thomas Popp and Ralph Kahn)

Registration for the 2019 AeroCom/AeroSAT workshops

(please do so before Aug 1 if you want your contribution
to be considered in the program)

There is a 150 Euro workshop fee.
Payment instructions will be given in July 2019.

Please fill in the requested details above.
If done, hit SUBMIT button and check details of your registation.
If everything is OK hit 'NEXT' to finish the registration.

After completion of your registration you should receive a confirmation Email

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